25 Aug '16

Real Life Ken And Barbie Admit That Plastic Surgeries Ruined Their Lives


Pic shows: Pixee Fox, 25. A model who had six ribs removed to get a record-breaking 14-inch waist has stunned viewers after she agreed to be filmed naked for a Romanian television show. The 25-year-old model Pixee Fox invested more than 80,000 GBP in the complicated plastic surgery, in which she had six ribs removed for a thinner waist, a boob job, facial interventions and a lift to her bottom. Now she describes herself alternatively as a "The Living Cartoon" and a "body modification artist" according to her Instagram account. One of the reasons for all the plastic surgery she said was to make her look like the animated fictional character Jessica Rabbit. This week she was invited by Romanian TV hosts Madalin Ionescu and Adelina Pestritu to their tabloid show called Wow Biz. The Swedish-born model based in the US gave the audience a show to remember: she danced, let herself be filmed in the spa, and then offered the public images of herself naked in a bath tub. She said: "It’s recommended to have something to compress your body to keep everything in place after the surgery and also to provide some protection. This corset was custom-made for me to fulfil that requirement." She was seen by a Romanian doctor who performed an X-ray to check that her body was in order and warned against what she had gone through. The medic told the TV programme: "If a person wears it 24 hours a day, then their liver, kidneys and everything else are not going to be in their proper place." (ends)


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