24 Dec '15

Finally, Six Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting !

Six Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Is losing weight almost getting on your nerves? If your shirts are becoming too snug and you are worried about putting on your swimming suit this holiday, then it is high time you make some changes.

Perhaps, you know how dieting can be stressful and frustrating at times. Ideally, there are several ways you can shed those extra pounds without necessarily dieting or taking those endless hours at the gym.

You may also have come across the latest dieting books promising you heaven with fast weight loss results but how sure are you that they will work? Below are the 6 tips to loose weight without a diet.

1-Learn to be positive


In weight loss, it is true that positive mind leads to positive results. Your mind has a lot of impacts on your weight. Start your day with a positive mind i.e. love your life and you will enjoy total peace of mind.



2-Mind your eating habits

habitEat when you are hungry and stop when you feel you are full. This is what eating mindfully means. Additionally, you should also consider eating without being distracted. It helps you to be mindful of every bite and chew you have. Research shows that slow eating has some impact on the volume of food you can eat. Your brain requires some time to process “I am full” message.


3-Practice to be patient

be patient

You need time to accomplish any lifestyle change you want to make. For a successful weight loss, you must take a step at a time. We lose weight at different rates. If you decide to give up in step two simply because you can’t notice any change, then it means you can never achieve your goals. Avoid rushing go step by step.





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